5 Online Business Models

In the book “Moonlighting On The Internet: 5 World-Class Experts Reveal Proven Ways to Make an Extra Paycheck Online Each Month” by Yanik Silver, he revealed 5 of the easiest ways people can start profiting online.

1. Info Marketing (one of my absolute favorites)
2. Affiliate marketing – selling other people’s stuff
3. eBay
4. eCommerce store
5. Blogging

You think they are interesting topics, so can you answer these questions yourself:

* Find the answer to one of the BIGGEST questions: What *exactly* should I sell and how much profit should I expect to make?
* Learn exactly how to develop a brand new product, in some cases, in as little as 2 weeks!
* Understand how to put your Internet business on automatic-pilot, so you can generate income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
* Use the #1, closely guarded research tool for finding new lucrative business ideas that can make money quickly.
* Learn to use the same techniques as the world’s leading companies to churn out new, innovative, and in-demand products and services consistently.
* Make your business flourish even if you have limited financial resources.
* Learn how to rank at the top of the search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, MSN, AskJeeves and more.
* Grab up dirt-cheap, neglected traffic streams in the pay-per-click game using our three simple bidding strategies.
* Get hundreds of high-traffic websites to link to your website.
* Multiply your profits with our battle-tested email secrets and dramatically increase conversion rates.
* Find out how to locate people who want your products, capture their email addresses, and generate repeat sales from them—all within 48 hours.
* Learn the email secrets of how to get email response rates of 10% to 24% vs. the industry standard of less than 1%.
* Discover the basic rules you must follow to avoid being accused of “spamming.”
* Figure out how to choose the “prices” that can outsell others – nine to one!
* Understand how to establish a winning strategy, competitive edge, and dominate a niche market.
* Get free advertising and increase traffic by using interactive messages that compel visitors to recommend your products to their friends.
* Learn how to make some simple tweaks to an existing website that can increase results by 400% or more.
* Structure your website so visitors stay much longer, get engaged…and BUY.
* Understand the methods of starting and growing a wildly profitable Affiliate Program—an army of online marketers who want to sell your products or services for you.
* Reach thousands of “ripe” markets without spending a dime on advertising.
* Locate, recruit, and motivate “Super Affiliates” who will eagerly promote your products and make it their full-time mission.
* Acquire a little known technique and use what we call “the snowball effect” to grow an affiliate program at lightning speed.
* Increase sales by up to 715% using the same secrets that highly-paid copywriters use to create blockbuster offers
* Master advanced campaigns and promotions you can use to exponentially grow your traffic and sales.
* Even if you’re already successful online, your Early to Rise High Powered Internet Marketing Program can make you Better, Faster, and Stronger! You’ll uncover hidden opportunities and build your expertise to a world-class level.
* If you’re new to the online world or haven’t had success online yet, Your Early to Rise Program will help you take flight and gain massive confidence and real world knowledge.
* Learn to finally drop those lingering insecurities that hold you back and sabotage your success…finally, re-wire your mind for maximum performance.
* Uncover the methods used by Internet “Insiders” to build their businesses into multi-million dollar empires.
* Avoid making the mistake of trying to convert a prospect into a customer at the wrong time in the sales process.
* And much, much more…we’re truly just hitting the tip of the iceberg here…

Now, What areas of your business do you need the most help with ?
* Sales and Marketing
* Internet Marketing
* Copywriting
* Business Fundamentals
* Starting My Business
* Product Development
* Refining my Business

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