Blog Marketing Strategy Cashmap

Blog Marketing Strategy Cashmap

In the recent study: Social Media Marketing Industry Report, a survey revealed that Blogs are in the top 3 social media tools used by marketers today. Here’s why:

Because of their frequently updated, keyword-rich content, Blogs are natural search engine magnets. Many websites also use them to reflect the passion and culture of their company, and help build stronger relationships with customers by inviting them to “converse” about products and related industry ideas.

Also, depending on the type of content posted, blogs can be utilized to position you as an expert and build your credibility. You can even set yourself apart from the competition by using a blog style that displays your brand or corporate personality. Finally, by attracting traffic, lead generation becomes easier, which will directly impact your bottomline in a positive way.

But despite all the wonderful advantages that blog marketing can bring you, only a small percentage of businesses are harnessing the full potential of their blog. This is because most of the time, they don’t know where to start.

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* The top three blogging platforms available, including the best blogging platform to use if you want to position your blog as a social media marketing tool

* How to create buzz about your blog posts so you won’t be writing for an audience of one

* Three simple and effective ways to get people to check out your blog without inviting them directly (these subtle techniques won’t come across as a desperate bid to drive traffic to your site)

* A powerful technique that- when done correctly- will help your blog gain exposure and recognition practically overnight

* and much more…

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