Are you the First in…?

56 Future Accomplishments: Waiting for Someone to go First. It was a fascinating piece on some of the “firsts” that have occurred, such as:


1st People to Fly
1st Nude Actress in a Movie
1st Woman to Cross the Atlantic
1st Woman Cabinet
1st Symbol for the Civil-Rights Movement
1st Person to Expose the Mafia
1st African-American Major League Baseball
1st Million-Dollar Actor
1st IVF Baby


Space exploration (first person to travel at the speed of light)
Physics (Discovering the true nature of gravity and controlling it)
Driverless vehicles (first driverless pizza delivery)
Healthcare (first person to live past 200)
3D printers (first printed house)


The first totally automated hire
The first HR manager to deal with a totally robotic workforce
The first implanted employee identification device
The point at which heterogeneity become homogeneity due to mixed marriages
The first company that does not have a country of origin
The declaration of the first “world citizen” thus eliminating immigration concerns
The first person that reports to a “robot” boss
The first interview conducted by telepathy
The first President with a background in Human Resources (sure to be a woman)
The first lawsuit by an AI robot for discrimination
HR becomes the highest paid profession
The first CEO to say they admire HR (ok, I know that has already occurred, but it is certainly not widespread enough)

Well, that is my dozen of possible firsts. What do you see occurring in the future of HR, Tech or your Industry?

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