Kickstarter Projects

Disadvantage of Kickstarter:
– retail sale with high intensive presale work of hustling
– get initial credibility with prototype product
– efficiency of low cost production
– easily to be imitated with different patented technology of big corporations

– create a community for a cause to scale to bigger vision
– get famous for 5 minutes
– the focus is not to create a new product, but to create a brand name in the marketplace
– kickstarter is good for entrepreneurs with honest vision but not for corporations or fake startups

Tim Ferriss: hacking kickstarter Case Study, Water Filter SOMA campaing
3 Principles:
Identify the minimum effective dose. Outsource and automate with virtual assistants, Prep and pickup.
Research best blogs traffic from similar kickstarter campaigns, contact FB influencers, tracking links, great stories adapted for their audience, turn readers into pals with a compelling vision, segment and activate your network, create a landing page, incentivice viral promotion.
Empowering people and making it easy for them to contribute to a worthy cause.

Art of the Kickstart
USP to differentiate from competitors
Electric International Bike
National Retail Brand
Hardware company among Brothers

Theoretical Physics Applied to Hit Songs
by Roy Williams and Daniel Whittington

1. We’re going to do something truly wonderful for our friend, Wizard Academy Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington. When you hear the whole story of why you and I should do this, it will break your heart into tiny little pieces. More about that in a minute.

2. In early March, you’re going to receive a download of an experimental album of hit songs that will rock your world, blow your mind and change your future. After you hear these songs, you won’t even recognize yourself in the mirror.

3. If you act fast enough, you’re going to be one of only 300 people invited to a fantastic live concert and barbecue under the stars on Friday, April 3, 2015 in Austin, Texas. All the songs on this history-making album will be performed there. This is Woodstock, but only 300 people are going to get to come. We just don’t have parking for more than that.

4. Just before that concert begins I’ll deliver a lightning-quick 60-minute explanation of Third Gravitating Bodies for the first time ever outside the Magical Worlds Communications Workshop.

For the uninitiated, a Third Gravitating Body with a high degree of divergence and an explicit moment on convergence is the single characteristic that unites every hit song, every bestselling novel, every record-setting motion picture and every signature dish of every gourmet chef.

For the past 14 years, hundreds of people have paid several thousand dollars each to attend a 3-day class about Third Gravitating Bodies and how they can be harnessed to turn the good into the fantastic.

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