Could one question determine your future?

If you read Simon Sinek “Start with Why” then you understand why some people and some companies enjoy a remarkable success with a cult-like following fans, while others drown in mediocre waters.

Most entrepreneurs and businesses act from the outside-in. They know what they do, and they know how they do it.

Very few people, the inspired leaders, know WHY they do it. And that’s what makes all the difference in success.

Money and success are a result, not a purpose. And the purpose goes way beyond the lifestyle that moeny buys.

Answer this One question

What is your purpose?
What is your cause?
Why does your company exist?
Why the world needs your talent?
How can I use my strengths to impact my industry?

Case Studies: Microsoft, Apple, HD and Zappos

  • Microsoft: We make great software. It’s easy to use and reasonably priced. Want to buy?
  • Apple: Think different. We are challenging the status quo and define convention. We are rebels and do things our own way. Our products are innovative, easy to use and beautifully designed. We happen to make grrreat computers.

That’s the same reason why people tattoo a Harley Davidson logo on their skin.
Do people tattoo it on their skin because they love the Harley Davidson stock market value, or their annual revenue ?
They do it because they share the same belief – Freedom.

  • Zappos: To build a company culture that inspires and encourages every employee to be their best, and to offer the most caring customer service in the world.

Do you want to inspire to join your mission or buy your stuff ?
Then figure out what you stand for.
To rephrase Simon’s line: People don’t do business with you because of WHAT you do. They do business with you because of WHY you do it.
Stop talking about what you do, start talking about what you believe. Obsessively. Tweet it. Mention it in your posts. Friends. Family. Followers.

Case Studies of great leaders:

  • Bill Gates: “I want a computer on every desk and in every home!”
  • Rosa Parks: “I’m not giving up my seat for a white passenger!”
  • Gandhi: “You have to be the change you want to see in the world”

How will you help people?
Why the heck should people prefer you above anybody else?

Personaly I want to help and inspire 100 B2B companies to create 1000 fans for their products and services.
Of course, I am doing it in my own industry of promotional gifts, so I am sharing my succesful strategies and also my failure ones to help other business owners around the world to grow and expand their promotional gift projects. For more details check it out here.

My 3 big revelation of 2014 are these:

  • Life becomes awesome when you don’t make it about yourself, but help others with your strength.
  • Life becomes challenging when you stop looking for security, just let your curiosity lead your day full of unexpected opportunities.
  • Life becomes rewarding when you don’t look for approval, since your honesty is the best gift.

When you find your sweet spot, when you are courageous to fly without parachute, then you reach the state of flow. Go for it.

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