Shaqir Hussyin

14 tips for entrepreneurs
1. Always Be Building Your List (#1 Asset).
2. Start, Grow & Cultivate An Audience – Not just a list.
3. Start outsourcing early on. Delegate.
4. Spend 20% of your time learning. 80% of your time DOING. Become a PRODUCER. Not just a CONSUMER.
5. Growth ALWAYS lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone.
6. Investing In Myself More. Are you part of a MAstermind?
7. Stop worrying about what other people think.
Find / Create YOUR tribe of raving fans and serve them with massive value.
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde
8. Email Marketing is still #1 Money-Maker.
EACH and every day i ask myself – what is the MOST Valuable thing i can share with you?
What fears & challenges are my prospects going thru today?
9. Provide 10-20x More Value than you charge.
You can request a free strategy session that’s giving a “real” valuable coaching session, no one else does or gives away.
10. Email your subscribers 1-3-5 times per week. I email daily.
My Mantra : Build Your List Daily. Email Your List Daily.
11. Paid Advertising is the FASTEST way to grow your business.
12. The Power Of Simplification. Simply everything.
Your business model. Your products. Your home-biz.Your blog. Your team. Your processes. Your thinking.Your friends. Your life. Your payment system. Everything.
13. Focus.
As Dan Pena says you gotta have “Laser Beamed Focus”.
14. And most importantly… HAVE FUN.
Beyond the money and results, it’s who you’ve become in the process.

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