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There are thousands of ways to impact the world positively: be friendly to neighbours, write a thank you note to a friend, invite someone for dinner to cook a special recipe…
All of them are awesome ways to epic-fy your surroundings, but nothing, NOTHING is as impactful as creating your own business.
And not just any business – a small business that’s connected to the digital world in one way or another.

Epicness doesn’t come from the size of your work, but from the intensity you put into it. A very small biz with endless fire inside can have more impact that a faceless corporation. And that’s awesome.
With the right message you can reach thousands of people – impacting the world in ways our ancestors have never dreamt of.
By just following the simple principle of offering kick-ass value the most unique way possible, your actions will have more impact than a government or a loaded gun.

Of course, you as many people are afraid of just taking the call to action and going for the ride, as I did in 2005 when decided to become an entrepreneur.
My little voice kept punishing me with phrases like: you dont have the guts, the money, the contacts or the ideas to make it for the long run.

Here’s what I experienced:
Once you decide you are in for the action, you just jump into it. With arms wide open.
You know what happens you run into a situation where you don’t know the outcome?
Your brain will find a way to make it work.

Working for someone else ALWAYS means limiting your potential – you have to adapt to your environment instead of adapting the environment to yourself.
I thought having sex is the best feeling in the world, but that’s not the case anymore.

When I coach people, or help a small biz in the offline world, I almost get an orgasm just because I can bring my whole, raw and uncensored personality into the game. No more asking for permission – it’s YOU, the person you help, and endless magic in between.

My presence is expanding, my knowledge is deepening, and I’m helping more and more people every new week. I can see that their life changes through my actions, and witnessing that is the most E-P-I-C feeling ever !

Happiness and positive change doesn’t come from sitting on your ass in some remote place and meditating about yin and yang, it comes from doing ACTION that’s 100% aligned with your style.

Like building a small online biz that’s impacting your world.

My goal is to inspire people. And to be more precise – I want to get people fired up to leave their own dent in the (digital) universe, preferably through entrepreneurship. Get excited and DO stuff.
Then I realize that Life becomes awesome when you don’t make it about yourself.
So, instead of asking yourself:

…how to get better at writing, ask yourself how to write stuff that blows people away
…will I ever enough money, ask yourself how you can create something that fans will love to pay for
…if you make a difference, ask yourself how you can increase your impact on the life of people

Remember this:
No one’s going to start your business for you.
No one’s going to show up on your doorstep, and tell you that it’s time to get started.
No one’s going to offer you anything, do you any favors, or give you anything.
Your success is up to you.

So, wake up, ready for the call to action and adopt this new mentality and convince your self:
The world needs you!
And ask yourself: How can I use my strengths to impact the world?

Source: Mars Dorian

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