Outsource Strategy Cashmap

Outsource Strategy Cashmap

With the right Outsourcing strategy, you can reduce overhead costs (up to 40% savings according to a recent study), get more done in a shorter amount of time, and grow your business faster.

In fact, since it’s become easier to communicate over long distances and online collaboration tools are abundant, many businesses are tapping into the available pool of highly talented and skilled providers.

But while the Internet has certainly made Outsourcing more manageable, few people really know how to harness the full potential of Outsourcing to benefit their business.

The Outsource Cashmap package reveals those secrets and will guide you, step-by-step, in this process- from developing an Outsourcing strategy, to placing your advertisement, to assessing potential hires, all the way to keeping track of project progress and more. As you continuously apply your Outsourcing strategy, you’ll start seeing your profits rise and your business goals achieved in a much shorter time.

Outsourcing vs Non- Outsourcing

WORK LESS, EARN MORE. The long-term benefit of outsourcing is a greatly reduced workload as your business continues to grow.

In this set of Cashmaps you’ll discover …

* The eight proven benefits of outsourcing your business projects or processes (cost reduction is not even the first advantage)

* The top three outsourcing sites and how to quickly and easily set-up your account in each of them (You could be tapping into their vast pool of experienced providers in under a day)

* How to write a job ad that will attract the right people for your project (this alone can cut down the time spent in the entire outsourcing process by half)

* How to tell the difference between someone with”true talent or expertise” and someone who has a “well-crafted (and padded) resume” (you’ll learn a simple formula that works in evaluating a candidate for any position you’re looking to fill)

* How to avoid the most common cause of failed outsourced projects (It’s so easy to prevent but if you don’t get it right, your outsourcing strategy can backfire and do more harm than good)

* and much more…

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