Simpleology Electives: Online Music Promotion

Simpleology Electives: Online Music Promotion

This page contains the blueprint for a revolution – those who arm themselves with this blueprint can profit handsomely.

But before I give you that blueprint, imagine for a moment the following …

You wake up.

You check your music sales stats and finally you did it: you hit The Magic Number.

What’s “The Magic Number?” I’ll tell you in a moment, but first here’s a clue …

You arrive at work and instead of “going to work” you head right to the boss’s desk and tell him …

“It’s been wonderful, but it’s time for me to move on …”

That’s not what you were really thinking, but you wanted to end things with some class. Well done.

After you tidy up your affairs at the office, that night you head off to do yet another live show.

As the audience rips into applause after your first song, it strikes you: I’m never going to have to work another day of my life.

The next morning …

(… OK, “morning” is generous – it’s 11:02 …)

… you roll out of bed and head out to the cafe to leisurely jot down some ideas.

As you take a sip, it strikes you that last night was your best concert ever.

Well … your best concert yet.

See, it’s all just beginning

Every day thereafter you “work” only on your music and your life is filled with passion and joy. As you walk past the cafes and shops of your town people turn heads – not just because you are now famous but for another far more important reason: you are filled with a deep sense of satisfaction and joy and everyone who walks past you can sense it.

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