1. I miss the mob
In the mob times everything was one entry cost.
Now we need to pay for everything all the time.
Capitalism can be worse that the mob.
The most important metric how much in and out, instead of analizing and optimizing every single transaction. Never forget what and why you are doing.

2. Start now, no funding needed.
You dont need funding, nor web platform, nor the recommendation of a big name, nor one specific big client. Just one client willing to pay for your product or service. Deliver to him and keep growing.

3. Dont punish everyone for one person´s mistake
For the mistake of one client, some companies banish or restrict all clients for ever.
Dont write policies for one case.
The big picture is that life is good, you cant prevent bad things from happening, learn to shrugg, resist the urge to punish everyone for one person mistake

4. If it is not a hit, switch
the key is not the persistence of what is not working, but keep improving and reinventing ideas until you have hit the succesful response.

5. hell yeah or no
if you dont have the enthusiasm to say anything less of hell yeah absolutely, then say no, and avoid any further.

6. Obvious to you, amazing to others
We are holding our best creation since it too obvious, but others are willing to pay and enjoy it.

7. A real person, a lot like you
Become immune to criticism of people who are not relevant.
When receive positive comments online, dont reject them, everyone is a real human with feelings, see how to impact them for a better purpose.


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