Traffic through Viral Marketing Contest Cashmap

Traffic through Viral Marketing Contests & Bonus: Making Money with Squidoo Cashmap Packages + Traffic Explosion Cashmap Club

In 2008, a car distributor company launched a unique contest to target their core market. Basically, people went on an online scavenger hunt looking for virtual car parts to “build” a particular brand and make of car, and those that completed the car would get a chance to win the grand prize.

How well did their contest do? In the first two weeks of the contest alone they had garnered 100,000 participants. By the end of the three months that the campaign ran, they had reached well over 2.1 million potential customers.

All this from a single contest.

So now the cat’s out of the bag – yes, this is why we run a couple of contests every year. We know that contests are a powerful traffic generation tool. We notice around a 34%-52% jump in our own traffic whenever we run them, it’s hard to ignore how effective these contests are.

This is why we’ve finally developed a Cashmap that reveals all the super-secret strategies that experts use to drive massive amounts of traffic to their site.

The Traffic through Viral Marketing Contests Strategy Cashmap will show you exactly how to radically boost the number of people going to your website and even teach you what kind of contest to hold so you can attract the kind of crowd you want – whether you’re looking for more members, affiliates or joint venture partners.

Download the Traffic Through Viral Marketing Contests Strategy Cashmap now for Free and you’ll be on your way to learning…

* The top 8 ways contests can benefit your website… there’s a lot more you can accomplish than just getting more eyeballs on your site

* Two simple and easy contests that will boost your website and affiliate memberships (this strategy will show you how to get your existing customers to do all the “dirty work” for you)

* A subtle way to discover what makes your customer tick – remember: the better you understand them, the more effective your over-all marketing and sales strategy will be

* The one contest that will not only bring in new traffic but provide content for your website and establish a larger network of resources and partners to tap

* and much more…

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