DHEA supplement to control the aging process

No discussion of the aging process would be complete without talking about DHEA, Total Health Breakthroughs’ Melanie Segala tells me. It’s the “mother” hormone — a building block of estrogen and testosterone. And it has remarkable anti-aging properties, preventing such signs of aging as excess body fat, thinning skin, and graying hair.

Natural production of DHEA peaks in your 30s. Then it declines at the rate of about 2 percent per year. But age is not the only factor here. Stress can cause your DHEA levels to plummet.

Stress boosts your body’s output of cortisol, Melanie explains, and that interferes with the production of DHEA.

Low DHEA levels can leave you open to chronic inflammation, depression, cognitive decline, and an increased risk of cancer. It’s also a factor in weakening bones.

So it’s a good idea to have your levels checked by your doctor. (It’s done with a saliva or blood test.) If you’re low, you can take a natural DHEA supplement that can be purchased over the counter. Your doctor will advise you on the dosage.

For more information on DHEA, and other supplements you can take to turn back the clock, click here.

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