Heart Attacks and Cholesterol

When my homocysteine levels were a bit high a few years ago, Dr. Sears recommended folic acid to bring them down. Studies had shown, he said, that high homocysteine levels increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. In fact, they are a better indicator than high cholesterol. I started taking folic acid and it worked. So I’ve been taking it ever since. Now there is new information about its benefits. A study reported just last week in Total Health Breakthroughs showed that folic acid reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow to the legs. (Decreased blood flow occurs when the arteries become clogged with fatty deposits.) Test subjects were given 400 mcg per day. Improvements were seen in only 16 weeks. You can get folic acid from cow’s liver, spinach, and black-eyed peas. But for maximum benefit, Dr. Sears recommends taking a high-quality natural supplement.

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