Losing weight as a Caveman did

“Losing weight is a matter of simple arithmetic. You’ve got to eat fewer calories than you burn.”

This may be the most popular truism of our ever-fattening society. It is repeated by doctors and health advisors on television, in magazines, and in the pages of bestselling books.

It’s universally believed by sensible, educated people. And yet it is completely, utterly wrong!

The kind of calories you consume makes a big difference in how much fat you retain. That’s how our bodies are designed.

Dr. Al Sears says that the real reason so many Americans are fat today is not that they are eating more calories than they are burning. It’s that what they are eating is exactly the sort of food that makes the body fat.

“Our modern diet is processed and full of additives and other toxins,” he says. “Combine that with getting older and you throw off your body’s ‘fat signals.’ These signals tell your body how much fat to make and store.”

If you want to lose weight quickly and naturally, eat like a caveman, Dr. Sears says.

What did a caveman eat? Grass-fed meat. Organic vegetables (the ones that grow above ground, not tubers). And fruit.

Reduce or eliminate all foods invented after the invention of bronze. That includes lots of stuff the government and the food industry recommends, such as “whole grain” breads and “lite” fats.

Eating like a caveman isn’t all that easy, given the temptations that are out there. I still have my weekly McDonald’s because I need a synthetic food fix once in a while. And, boy, it tastes good! But I know that Dr. Sears’s advice is right on. So I do the best I can to heed it. Hope you do too.

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