Energy Finance Trends until 2020

Five Trends for the next 10 years in energy savings:
1. Cost-competitive clean energy
Coal and oil have had well over a century to get costs as low as possible… Renewables are only now reaching scale, so they will soon be the cheap form of energy. Specially watch solar panel and wind power.

2. Transformation of transportation
Whether it’s natural gas for big rig trucks, hybrid and electric vehicles, high-speed rail, or improved metro transit… the way we move goods and ourselves is changing.
The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt are already the talk of the town, with demand expected to well outpace initial supply.
Just take a cue from Buffett, who has already purchased a major U.S. railroad and took a multi-billion-dollar stake in an up-and-coming Chinese battery maker.

3. Cities go green
The population in the developing world is booming; in the next decade, cities like Mumbai, Manila, Jakarta, Delhi, and Sao Paulo will each soon be bigger than any U.S. city. And the investment potential in green building products and clean infrastructure will be huge.

4. Nuclear power on the march
There are 439 operating reactors in the world… 59 are being built; 149 are on order or planned; 344 have been proposed.

5. Developing world leapfrogs
We’re only a few steps into the energy race.
We started lighting our streets with coal in the 1810s. Drake found oil in Pennsylvania in 1859. Edison built the first coal plant in 1882. The biggest breakthroughs haven’t even come yet.

Source: Green Chip Stocks´s Nick Hodge
More details here: My Own Portfolio

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