Which Company has a 246,000% Growth

The $1.7 5 Medical Technology Stock that Could Break Through $20 Next Year

This medical breakthrough stock play is one I feel really good about. Because it’s giving 50,000 people every year a fighting chance against a killer disease.

It could be a huge step forward against America’s second-leading cause of cancer death — colon cancer.

Colon cancer is serious business. About 150,000 cases are diagnosed each year and roughly 50,000 people die from it.

Everyone over 50 should be screened for the disease.

But the current test–optical colonoscopy, which inserts a camera inside the colon–is so unpleasant that only half the people who should have one actually get one.

Well now there is a much more pleasant alternative: a virtual colonoscopy. A machine scans your colon from the outside. It’s fast, accurate and pain-free.

A Blue Cross study found that virtual colonoscopies are 90% accurate. But the study stressed that radiologists need good software to get good results. And that’s exactly what this company makes.

It’s on the verge of getting FDA approval for its virtual colonoscopy tool. Regulators say they don’t need any more data, and I think approval is imminent. Could be tomorrow. The product is already being used in Europe. It should hit the U.S. market soon. We’re looking at an opportunity that could pop any day.

President Obama himself recently had a virtual colonoscopy. If the test is good enough for the commander-in-chief, it should be good enough for millions of other people.

When a critical health procedure is all of a sudden cheaper and easier-and pain free to boot-I can’t imagine demand doing anything but shooting up.

The company already pulls in nearly $30 million a year and I think it should earn $1.00 a share soon.

That could push its share price somewhere between $18 and $25. The stock currently trades below two bucks. So this could easily be another 10-bagger in the making.

Some people argue that game-changer stocks are risky. Of course they are. But so is everything else.Some people argue that game-changer stocks are risky. Of course they are. But so is everything else.

Source: Andy Obermueller, Chief Investment Strategist of Fast-Track Millionaire
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