Frank Chester

Current science concentrates on power generation through explosion and exertion.

To drive your car the engine has to burn fuel…leads to depletion of that fuel and smoke through the exhaust pipe.

As a martial art most popularity is focused on defeating an enemy …going to war and taking, exploding, crushing an enemy…leaving waste.

Think, karate, kung fu, ufc mixed martial arts,..concentration on explosive force. The biggest and strongest win.

The complete opposite of explosion is IMPLOSION.

Science incorrectly calls the human heart a pump, because current science only wants to look at the heart like a car engine.

This is completely wrong if the heart is working from explosion…then where is the waste and smoke. The heart actually enriches the blood as the blood passes through.

However the structure of the heart with a paper thin apex is not designed to ‘pump’.

Instead. an electric charge in its centre causes the hearts to twist and contract and it implodes and sucks the blood through a vortex stream. This is demonstrated very well through the work of Frank Chester.

Highly efficient technology.

This is what I beleve is at the heart of most life preserving inventions we can produce today in all industries, the complete opposite to explosion.

Aikido is an implosion martial art. Small charge of action, redirection of force causing the opponent to move off balance in a vortex of motion.

The electric charge is the is the initial attack or threat. The aikido master contracts slightly and twists the direction of the force, this is the same as the heart contracting.

The opponent is moved off balance and falls in a vortex ‘confused’ because the direction on their inital force is constantly changing

I hope this is not too much rambling.

Alfred Angelo

P.S. I am trying to apply an aggregation and business model with these principles. I just need to relate the charge, the twist and contraction, and the ‘sucking enrichment’ to the business world.

A business which resembles the human heart…just requires a small spark to keep a large organism alive…for at least 100 years

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