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The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die by Joh Izzo
(recommended by ETR)
1. Why do some people find meaning & die happy
2. Why I talked to the town barber (and 200 other people over 60) about life
3. The first secret: be true to your self
4. The second secret: leave no regrets
5. The third secret: become love
6. The fourth secret: live the moment
7. The fifth secret: give more than you take
8. When you know you have to go (putting secrets into practice)
9. Preparing to die well: happy people are not afraid to die
10.A final lesson: it’s never too late to live the secrets
Epilogue: How this book changed me and what is the secret of life in 3 words: Live, Love, Matter.

The Audience Revolution: The Smarter Way to Build a Business, Make a Difference, and Change the World by Danny Iny

– He began his business career as most people do, identifying a problem in the market, and investing lots of time and resources in creating it – and then trying to find an audience for it.
– You don’t give things away for free to make the biggest impact – you give things away for free to demonstrate the level of value you can provide.
– How do you find the audience to begin with?
You start with identifying who it is that you want to serve, and meeting them where they are
– Meet them there, participate in the discussions that they are having, and drive them back to your own site where you can start offering them value and building the relationship.
– Applying the Audience First principle to your tactics is equally exciting. Instead of the traditional method of building something and chasing after potential buyers, you can involve your audience in the actual creation of your offers from the beginning – making them invested and interested in the process – and the result!
– Because you’re not beginning the relationship with a transaction, but rather providing real value and building a relationship
– The next step is to create a minimum viable offer, and make it available at a discounted rate for an initial group, and solicit feedback about how well it solves the problem you’re trying to solve. You repeat this as many times as necessary until you can turn it into something full, complete and permanent – a genuine partnership between you and your audience.
– What you need to do is look at the intersection between your passion, and your expertise.
Your passion needs to be something that can hold your interest for a long time, and, equally importantly, solve a real problem that people face. Your expertise comes in the form of your ability to solve that problem in a meaningful way for people.
– First is to list several subjects that you are genuinely passionate about, and the second is to list the topics that people most often come to you for help with.
Once you have compiled both lists, you compare them and look for the intersections, that is where your audience will be.

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