Frank McKinney’s Life Lessons

Life Lessons Learned in 135-mile non-stop foot race Badwater Arizona.

This spellbinding documentary vividly captures my struggles and triumphs in the 2009 Badwater 135-mile non-stop foot race across the Death Valley desert.

We use this unique format to inspire you with many life lessons that are applicable to your life where you will learn to:

* Overcome fear
* Gain the courage to take responsible risks
* Persevere through life’s debilitating moments
* Apply “relentless forward motion”
* Set seemingly impossible goals – and achieve them
* Execute and “close the loop”
* Find then organize your winning team
* Apply beneficial introspection
* Have patience in the face of emotion
* Execute smart-bomb focus on your big goal
* Always reflect your personal integrity
* Make social responsibility (feeling “The Tap”) an important part of your life
* Celebrate, and much more!

There is no other life experience I have had (and I have many) that has taught me more about success and perseverance than finishing Badwater, the toughest race in the world, 4 times.

Consider our Life Lessons Learned DVD for yourself, friends, family, relatives, co-workers, employees or anyone you would like to encourage with these valuable insights.

There really is no other learning tool quite like this.

If you are unaware, Badwater is the toughest race in the world according to National Geographic.

It’s an invitation only (17 countries/ 90 entrants) 135-mile footrace that starts in the Death Valley desert in July where air temperatures exceed 130 degrees, and ground temps are 200+ degrees.

It traverses 135 miles through the Mojave, over three mountain ranges and is run on blacktop pavement.

The race is run in the most brutal conditions imaginable.

The start line is -282′ below sea level, the lowest point in the western hemisphere (hell), and the finish line is nearly 8,500′ above (heaven).

The race is run non-stop and must be finished in less than 60 hours to avoid disqualification.

There are no aid stations. Each participant must bring a support crew of up to six team members to care for them.

On average, only 60 or so of the 90 invitees are able to finish, many who don’t, end up hospitalized.

Since the inception of the race in 1977, only 42 have officially finished the race 4 or more times.

I recently became the 43rd.

To put it in perspective, over 1,100 people have reached the summit of MT. Everest.

Life Lesson #1: When undertaking a significant challenge, start slow, then slow down. Don’t let emotion spend energy that will be needed later.

Life Lesson #2: When prudent discretion is called for in challenging or dangerous circumstances, if your efforts are exceeding your expectations you are better off to castoff caution.

Life Lesson #3: Sometimes what is perceived as being an easy coast downhill is actually tougher than a slow plodding ascent to the top.

Life Lesson #4: Gain perspective in time alone.

Life Lesson #5: Psalm 121, verses 5 and 6: “The Lord is your guardian, the Lord is your shade; he is beside you at your right hand. The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.” A prayer I repeated often in my darkest hours.

Life Lesson #6: Trust in your initial gut feeling, that intuitive sensation that existed before all thought, contemplation and research.

Life Lesson #7: No rationalization can take the place for your personal integrity.

Source: Frank McKinney

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