How’s Your Brainpower?

It’s funny how we forget about our brain sometimes.

We try and take care of our bodies with exercise but seem to altogether overlook the fact that our brain needs exercise too.

As America ages, we’re finally seeing an increase in programs and even “head health” facilities that focus on increasing mental capacity and keeping our minds sharp.

Skeptical? Consider this, Do you ever want to say something but just can’t find the word? (I thought so.)

We all have some mental weaknesses. I exhibit mine at least 10 times a day!

Brain fitness is real. And the more fit you can keep your noodle, the more successful you will be in life, business, and anything else.

There are many new tools popping up to help increase your brain power. An example of this is “Brain Age” and “Brain Training” by Nintendo. Additionally, over the next several years you will see “brain gyms” popping up throughout the country.

But you really don’t need to buy a product or hit the brain gym to sharpen your skills.

Here are some brain exercises recommended by Dr. Lorne Label of the Brain Longevity Center:

* Use your left hand, if you are right handed, for tasks such as placing a stamp on an envelope, writing, or combing your hair.
* Name the letters of the alphabet but mix it up—by skipping every other letter (a, c, e, g); skipping every third letter (a, d, g) or, perhaps, starting from the end of the alphabet and skipping a letter (z, x, v)
* Sweep your eyes across a room. Then spend the next few minutes recalling what you saw, where things were placed, the colors, etc.
* Subtract 3 from 100; then continue to subtract 3s from each remaining number (100-3=97-3=94-3=91)
* Pick a category, like food or animals. Then name an item in the category. Think of a second one that begins with the last letter of the previous item. (For example, hot dog, grape, egg.)

According to a five year study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 2,000 adults showed that simple mental exercises improved cognitive skills.

Why am I delving into this today? It’s simple. Smart people experience more success than the dummies out there!

Pay attention to your brainpower and work on simple ways to stay smart and get mentally fit.

I think I’ll try a crossword puzzle today!

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