How to Master effective body language in your business and life

Thom McFadden defines the six dominant personalities that make up human behavior, the six dominant emotions that will drive you to success, and reveals how to become present, passionate and successful in all areas of your life.

What If the ‘Coach To The Stars’, who has acted alongside Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, Tim Matheson and coached many ‘Stars’ revealed to you:
– How to Learn Empowering Behavior
– How to Master effective body language in your business and life

There are an overwhelming number of “victim characters” in our society — if you aren’t one of them, you’re probably in the same room as one. Or, you’re casual — you’re not driven to achieve your goals. If you’re casual, you’ll become a casualty. Take ACTION to redefine your destiny. That ACTION is the lifeblood of success. You will learn how to model excellence by utilizing the Creative Wheel of Behavior, the Enlightened Triangle, and the “I AM” personality to create a positive attitude, bust out of comfort zones, and change limiting beliefs. This book will encourage you to build strength where strength lies and will constantly inspire you toward your desired goals.

Acting For Real is a system – a positive Behavioral system. Your behavior will not change unless you do something to change it. How much would your effective body language expand if you could overcome fear, anxiety, worry and self-doubt?

How much more success could you have right now if you could believe in yourself and your capabilities to act naturally.

Yes, fear and a lack of self-confidence are the major blocks to your succesful acting performance, freedom and happiness.

Source: Acting for Real by Tom McFadden

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