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How to master your craft?
The key is dissection in 3 steps:
1) You break your craft into it’s single pieces. (practical)
2) You learn the principles of building with pieces(theoretical)
3) You rearrange the pieces in new, interesting ways (original remix)
Now, what do you do to get damn good at your craft?

8 Trends changing our life
– Renting becomes the new buying.
– Our surroundings will be smarter than us.
– We’ll transition from human to cyborg.
– Bitcoin will be the major alternative currency in the future.
– Become unique before you become out-roboted.
– Corporations will fight over your body space.
– Online will be the new status of wealth and offline the new homeless.
– Your value as a human will be ranked.

5 Tips to Wow your clients with proper words
– Update your clients for free.
– Use positive words when writing to your client.
– Don’t talk about money when talking about money.
– Build trust. Tell them how you work.
– Sell them what they want. Give them what they need.

What makes creatives succeed?
Typical answer: Be passionate blahblah be obsessive blah blah be hungry like hell.
With more experience now I say: it is CURIOSITY the driving force.
How can I infuse my art into my work?
I got damn curious, researched like a lunatic, and kept asking questions about EVERYTHING.
So, how can you become more curious?
– Force yourself to get interested. Extract knowledge from everything.
– Question everything mindset. Ask why?
– Be like a child – always ask questions.
– Become a readophile, everyday for at least 30 mins, at least one book a week.

Lie yourself to success
I believe that most (creative) peeps fail because of negative self-manipulation. They miss self-confidence.
The only value you give, or take from yourself, comes from your mind. And only from your mind. So, Blast your brain.
If you wake up in the morning, and you don’t believe you can be the greatest human being on the planet, you’re wasting oxygen.
From now on, we’re going to lie to ourselves in the most positive way possible.

Five ways to lie yourself to confidence:
– Have you heard of incantations? I use them everyday. They are self-affirmations that you say, or shout, at yourself.
– Get rid of poison people.
– Make yourself move as Tony Robbins, because our body movement influences our confidence.
– Curiosity – Getting into the KNOW. Self-manipulation is powerful, but when it isn’t backed up by actual skill, you’re delusional. Curiosity leads to learning more, and learning leads to skill acquisition.
– Separate your mind from the body. Your character is a soul, and that your body is “just” a vehicle. Your “soul” always stays unaffected, it’s just learning to how ride the damn thing.
Now, what’s a positive lie you’re going to tell yourself?

21 ways to increas your influence online
1 – Be on a mission
2 – Become delusional
3 – Build your 150
4 – Create YOUR story
5 – Help people in need
6 – Repeat your tweets
7 – Become a storyteller
8 – Network beyond your network
9 – Just start a conversation
10 – Create a Facebook fan page
11 – Get face-to-face
12 – Unleash your inner geek
13 – Become a smartaholic
14 – Interconnect your network
15 – Join or create your syndicate
16 – Always lead by example
17 – Be a consistent maverick
18 – Share the light AND the darkness
19 – Promote others more than yourself
20 – Use the magic timeless formula: Provide the most ass-kicking value and make it as unique as freaking possible!
21 – Read and subscribe to my blog

10 cartoons that rock your year

Rapid blog growth
How to look for the right people for your alliance
How to promote each other
And how to enjoy the success that springs from it.

Social media each other.
Share your knowledge.
Comment on each other’s blogs.
#FF each other. Follow Friday is a Twitter trend where you suggest people to follow.
Link to each other. Mention your buddies in your posts, but make sure it’s useful. Write a case study and just give a reason why you mention them, and make it relevant to your readers.
Go JV. Plan a project together

Expand your social Network
Level 1 – Embrace the Magic of 150
Level 2 – Choose your Favorite one Hub: FB, TWT, Linkedin, G+?
Level 3 – Choose Your Fellow Digital Crusaders
Look for connectors.
Think about social proof they have.
Check their inner fire, that are moving towards a goal.
Level 4 – Where to Look
who are the best bloggers, best podcast interviews, best projects?
Level 5 – Quality Recruiting
How to connect: simply approach them on your social media channels and ignite the conversation. Or buy a product from them.
How to structure your social networking campaign: spend one hour a day, keep posting great content.

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