15 Laws of Growth

Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow?
Is the book simple? You bet. Is it difficult to apply. Of course. But, the framework of the 15 Laws is one model that will help you be more successful in every area of your life. Truly, we cannot lead anyone further than we’ve led ourselves and this book will give you the tools to lead yourself to your next level.

1. Law of Intentionality – Growth doesn’t just happen.
2. Law of Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself.
3. Law of the Mirror – You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself.
4. Law of Reflection. Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.
5. Law of Consistency. Motivation gets you going. Discipline keeps you growing.
6. Law of Environment: Growth thrives in conducive surroundings.
7. Law of Design: To maximize growth develop strategies.
8. Law of Pain. Good management of bad experiences leads to great growth.
9. Law of ladder. Character growth determines the height of your personal growth.
10. Law of the rubber band. Growth stops when you lose the tension of where you are and where you could be.
11. Law of tradeoffs. You have to give up to go up.
12. Law of Curiosity. Growth is stimulated is asking why.
13. Law of Modeling. It’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow.
14. Law of expansion. Growth always increases your capacity.
15. Law of Contribution. Growing yourself enables you to grow others.

Source: John Maxwell, 15 laws of growth

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