5 Questions about your website

7 Suggestions: spend a lot of time thinking about your website. Most customers go there before buying anything. But most websites are bloody useless. This is because people don’t ask themselves some pretty simple questions, like:

1. What is my website for?
2. What am I doing to get people to go to it?
3. What am I doing to get people to stay on it for as long as possible?
4. What am I doing to collect names?
5. What am I doing to turn those names into money?
6. What am I doing to measure what happens on my website? (Google Analytics is almost entirely free).
7. Is the copy in English or is it pretentious jargon? I spend a lot of time rewriting website copy; usually I have to start by asking people what they actually mean by some of the phrases they use; many find this quite taxing.

Most people do not ask themselves these questions. Last month my partner Alastair boosted website enquiries for one client by 600% by asking them, then making a few simple changes. And that client is not a chump; he is the leader in his field.

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