Bill Glazer’s Outrageous Advertising

Could your sales could use a boost? Try one of these 17

1. Eat lunch at a diner and write a message to your
customers on the paper placemat. Photocopy the placemat
(stains and all) and mail it to your customers.

2. Send your customers an empty popcorn bag with a letter
inside along with a movie ticket.

3. Mark up your sales letter with hand-written scribbles –
whether online or offline

4. Send your customers a handy testimonial form that asks
them specific questions about what they liked

5. Turn a brown paper bag into an envelope

6. Send letters in an “X-Ray Film: Do Not Bend” envelope

7. Build a promotion around an oddball holiday, like
National Pistachio Day

8. Steal one of the 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written

9. Go back through the last year and mark (a) the
promotions that flopped, and (b) the promotions that hit pay
dirt, and decide what made the successful ones work. Re-spin
and run again.

10. Look at all your advertising pieces and ask, “What’s
the FIRST thing people see when they look at this?”

11. Identify something the media is saying that you
disagree with and boldly proclaim to your customers how the
newspapers and TV stations are LYING to them.

12. Mail your customers a wallet with money-saving coupons

13. Try a fear-of-loss offer instead of benefit-of-gain

14. Identify a project that doesn’t currently have a
deadline, and set one

15. Identify an ad that doesn’t currently have a deadline,
and create one

16. Mail a letter with a grabber attached to it – some
physical item that demands attention. Even a penny or rubber
band can boost response

17. Crumple up a letter inside a pill bottle. When
unfolded, the letter says, “This is what the doctor

I STOLE every single one of these from Bill Glazer’s book
“Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful”
which you can get for $19.95 (CHEAP!!!). You should steal
some ideas from this book, too:

Source: Outrageous Advertising by Bill Glazer

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