Jon Benson 3x VSL

4 elements in top performing VSL: usp, stories, tips, comparisons
5 steps in vsl process: snap suggestion, vital connection, big problem, bigger solution, grand offer

Pattern Interrupt | Attention
Watch This Now
Benefit Formula
Create Scarcity
Something Completely Different
Let’s Make A Deal
A Modest Introduction
The Intro
The Bad Part
The Really Bad Part
Declaration Of Independence
Moral Journey To Freedom
Transition To Big Problem
About The System
Results Of The System
Final Transition Phrase
The Big Lie Transition
The Big Lie (Lie Loop)
It’s Not Your Fault
Blame This
The Big Truth
Bigger Solution Open Loop
Open Tip Loop
The Avoid Tip
The Enjoy Tip
The How To Tip
Transition To Grand Offer
Overview + Formal Intro
Product + USP
Works Even If
What It Isn’t
The Hero Study
Results Of Hero Study
Out Of The Club
Easy As It Gets
Qualify Remaining
What’s In The Product
Emphasize X
First Price Tease
More Benefits
Emphasize The Faux Price
Restate Faux Price
Cost Of Loss
Reason For Discount
Price Dropdown
Price Reveal
Triple Guarantee
Overview + CTA
The Super Bonus
CTA (call to action)
Checkout Process
Future Paced Actions
Remember Overview
Reasons To Act Now
The Smart Thing
Samurai Q&A

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