Why We Don’t Have Free Education?

Do you think we should have free education from universities around the country?
Isn´t education a right that the State should provide to every citizen?

Some people think so. And they’ve let the media know. But you’ll understand exactly why Capitalism don’t in a moment.

First, here’s a couple comments we’ve received lately:

I am not paying for information that you should be helping with for free.
This is wrong. Shame on you.
And here’s another:

I’m considering becoming a member of your group, but I have a question. I have been concerned about the “fear-tactics” of the newsletters, and I’m glad that you addressed this today. But I want to know, if you are doing this because you care about people who are financially unprepared for the disaster you see coming, why are you charging for membership at all? Why not just give the information away to as many people as possible for free? … Something’s amiss here, what gives?

At first, the argument both readers make seems logical. The line of reasoning goes like this:
University has information that will help people avoid the coming financial meltdown.
University information could save people from losing all their money.
University wants to help people with this information.
Therefore, University should give away the information for free.

Seems logical, right? After all, how caring is it to withhold such vital information?
Or actually charge money for it. Shame on us!
But let’s stop right there…

Take a deep breath … and look at this argument a little more critically.

First, let’s see how this argument applies to other professions. Say, for example, doctors.

A doctor has knowledge and information that could be vital to your future physical well-being. In fact, it could be the difference between life and death.

Using the logic of our critics, doctors should therefore give all consultations for free, right? Shame on them for charging money for their services!

Oops. Now the logic isn’t so airtight, huh?
“But wait …” you say. “That’s different!”
No, actually, it’s not.

You see, every University is a business. We’re in business to make money. Just like any doctor or lawyer or accountant you might hire.
You pay those professionals for their expertise. Their guidance. Their knowledge.
But it’s Just Information…

Yes, it’s “just” information. But the information these professionals have can change your life.
Doctors, lawyers, accountants. They’re in business to help you. They are ready and willing to give you the life-changing information you need.

But it’s not their responsibility to give it to you for free.
In fact, their information is SO valuable, they charge a lot for it.

And people are willing to pay for information that adds value to their life.

Same thing with any University. They trade their knowledge and information for your money. All you have at graduation is a piece of paper that says you have a degree.

Which means you’ve acquired some knowledge. Accumulated information. And learned how to sift through it all and apply it.

It’s just information, but it can be incredibly valuable for securing a high-paying job.

We at The University Group have valuable information. It can change your life. Help you avert financial doom. Teach you how to prosper in good times and bad.
It’s so valuable, we charge for it.
And we believe it’s worth every penny.

Maybe Chuck’s Story Can Help You Understand

In case you’re still not sure you should have to pay for valuable information, here’s a little story that may help…

Chuck worked for years as the head maintenance technician at a large manufacturing plant. His job was to keep the old production machines running smoothly … and he was very good at it.

He knew the machinery inside and out.

The company was eventually sold, and the new owner wanted to cut costs. He noticed the equipment hadn’t broken down in years. “Why do I need Chuck?” he thought. So he fired Chuck.

Everything went smoothly for a couple months. The new owner was patting himself on the back for having made such a wise decision.

But then the most important machine in the plant suddenly broke down. All production came to a halt.

The new owner panicked. He was losing thousands of dollars by the minute.

The plant was full of idle workers … but nobody had any idea how to fix the big machine.

Everyone said the only one who knew how to repair that machine was Chuck.

With reluctance, the owner called Chuck and asked him to take a look.

“Sure. I’d be happy to come in and help you out,” said Chuck. “But I’m in business for myself now as a consultant. And I charge $60 an hour for my time, charged by the minute.”

The owner agreed and asked Chuck to come take a look.
Chuck showed up to the plant within the hour. He pulled a hammer out of his toolbox and began lightly tapping parts here and there.
After about a minute, he stopped. He cocked his ear and lightly tapped the same place three more times.

Then, with a purposeful stare, he reared back the hammer and gave the machine a mighty whack.
The machine started right up. And everyone went back to work.
Chuck replaced the hammer in his toolbox and wiped his hands.
Without a word he pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. He neatly wrote out this simple invoice:
Repair of equipment … $10,000.

“Ten thousand dollars?!?” sputtered the owner. “All you did was whack the machine with a hammer! That’s outrageous! You said you charged $60 an hour. I demand an itemization of all your work.”

Chuck took back the invoice, retrieved the pen from his shirt pocket, and scribbled a few words on the paper. He handed the invoice back.
Here’s what he wrote:

One minute of time to tap the machine … $1
Knowing exactly where and how hard to whack it … $9,999

The Take Away
It’s a fictitious story, but it drives home an important point.
Information and expertise are valuable.
Chuck had it. The owner didn’t. Without it, the owner was losing thousands of dollars by the minute.
It wasn’t Chuck’s responsibility to give it to him for free. His fee was a bargain compared to the alternative.

The University Group has valuable information. We have priceless expertise.

And we’re not shy about charging money for it. In fact, we believe it’s worth much more than we charge.
But we make it affordable enough for everyone.
Obviously, it’s your choice whether you want to pay us for the information we have or not. It’s your money.

You might be able to figure it all out on your own. And if you decide to go that route, we wish you the best of luck.

Frankly, we think you’ll need it.
Of course, we’d much rather have you join us … because we don’t leave our own financial future to luck.
We study trends. We hire experts. We pay for technology. We buy financial expertise and information. We pay employees a fair wage. We package the information up in easy-to-digest formats.

In short, we run a business and it costs money.

Nevertheless, we understand your reluctance to trust us. There are lots of people in the financial world shouting for attention. They all claim to have the answers. We understand your confusion.

That’s why we are currently reaching out with our daily emails. We want to give you something of value. We want to earn your trust.
Let Us Prove Our Worth
But the simplest way to test us out is by giving us an honest test-run. You get a full 30 day money-back trial period to go through the entire member’s area.

If our specialized information and Rolodex of connections doesn’t thrill you, we want you to let us know.
We’ll either make it right, or give your money back. No questions asked. And we can still be friends.
Fair enough?

If you have any doubts at all about the value of an EVG membership, give us a try today.

Go through the information. Put it to work. It’s incredibly powerful stuff. Life-changing. Valuable.
And we’re confident that it’s worth every penny you’ll pay for it. Guaranteed.
Join The Elevation Group Now

A Final Note on Giving Stuff Away

Please don’t think that The Elevation Group is just about making money. We also feel it’s our responsibility to give back to society.
Part of that is through charitable giving, and it’s a huge part of the larger Elevation Group vision.
We’ll be sharing more information in the months ahead, but Mike and Robert’s trip to Necker Island in April to meet with Richard Branson was incredibly productive in this area.
Diary entry #6 in our membership site gives a nice introduction to this part of our vision for the future.
We hope you’ll give us a try so you can read all about it:
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