Do You Sell Promotional Products?

6 Reasons To Consider Selling An Automated Referral System To Your Customers

1. It pays you upfront commissions (up to 58%) and ongoing monthly residuals. Sell it once, get paid forever
2. It adds value to your role as a promotional consultant while complementing (but not competing with) promotional products
3. It’s something 95% of your customers will want – even if they don’t need any promo products right now
4. Because this service is outside and unrelated to the promo products industry your competitors are not offering it. Set Yourself up with a 2nd income stream.
5. No paperwork, billing, collections or customer service required – your customers sign themselves up on-line
6. Refer other sales professionals and get paid over-rides & residuals on whatever they sell too!

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* FREE demo account so you can try it out for yourself
*10 videos specifically about how to sell promotional products during a recession – the secrets industry trainers don’t tell you. Titles like…
+ How To Grow Your Promotional Products Business 35% Per Year During a Down Economy
+ How To Get New Customers For $5.21 Each – Even During A Recession
+ How To Get A Billionaire To Call You
+ How To Elminate Cold Calling & Have Prospects Call You
+ …and 6 more

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