Dot-Com Business Plan

For you to start your own profitable business online, there are just a five steps:

1. First, you need to identify a reachable, profitable market niche.

A market niche is simply a group of people who have similar interests (or problems) who you can reach at a profit.

Nascar fans are a market niche. So are people with dandruff.

It’s likely your interest in is also a workable market niche.

While identifying a market niche might seem tough right now, there are tons of free and inexpensive tools to help you do it easily and quickly.

2. Second, you need to identify one solvable problem or meet-able desire within that market niche.

For Nascar fans you might want to sell driver souvenirs. For people with dandruff you might want to offer a special shampoo.

3. Third, you need to decide what kind of business model you will follow.

You can write and sell your own book like Chris. You can sell affiliate products like Rosalind. You can sell drop shipped products like John. All of these work. Here are some other options:

You can have a free site supported by advertising. You can start a membership site. You can run an online store. You can sell a video tutorial. You can do a combination of any of these!

4. Fourth, you need to get a product to sell.

If you are using one of the models where you offer products, you will need to find a supplier for the products (or create the products yourself.)

5. Fifth, you need to put up a website.

This doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. If you have no web-building skills you can often get a simple website put up for you for less than $50.

Finally, you need to advertise.

All your work won’t mean anything if no one ever visits your website!

Some of the ways you can advertise for new visitors/customers include:

1. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and AOL
2. Paid Inclusion Search Engines like Google Adwords and Overture
3. Banners on other people’s websites
4. Affiliate programs
5. Forums and Newsgroups
6. Article Marketing
7. And so on!

While these are just the broad strokes, this is the basic outline for everyone who succeeds online. The specific step-by-step plans are more intricate. And we will cover them in the newsletter you just signed up for.

Keep in mind: If you are going to have a successful web business, you will need a computer, a strong desire to have your own home-based business, the time to work at least 5 hours per week and the ability to follow simple instructions.

Topics to Develop a Niche Business
Information Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Webinar Sales Strategies
Direct Mail
Drop Shippping Physical Products
Team Building & Outsourcing
Mobile Lifestyle
Coaching & Consulting
Live Events
Social Media
CPA Networks
Risk Free Trials
Customer Service & Retention
Joint Ventures
Profit Funnel
Website Flipping
Traffic Generation
List Building

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