Google Adwords

The AdWords checklist looks something like this:

1-Keywords in narrow silos
2-Peel and stick your top 20 keywords
3-Relentless split testing of ads
4-Thorough list of negative keywords
5-Good quality scores
6-Landing pages that match the ads and keywords
7-Savvy geo targeting
8-Nailing the #1 unmet need in your market
9-Separating search from content
10-Conversion tracking

Every time you check one more of these things off your list of
refinements, you jump ahead of 1/3 of your competitors. If
you’ve got zero items checked off, you’re superior to 0% of your
competitors. If you’ve got all 10, you’re superior to 98% of
your competitors.

If you’ve got all 10, rare is the market you can’t penetrate.

To know more advance details, well, my colleague Perry Marshall has written a very helpful e-course that you can find out about it here: 2010 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

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