What is the cash map?

You might have read about it, seen it on a video or heard the buzz in the internet circles.

According to Rich Schefren:
“A cashmap is a well-planned and systematic approach to building your online business from the ground up… or from whatever stage you’re at right now. You simply plug into one of these detailed maps… follow along from point “A” to point “B” all the way to “Z” and beyond… and your business just continues to grow.

It’s quick and easy, which means you spend less time reading, and can begin implementing these winning strategies right away!

And the part that matters most to you is… you end up with more money… and more time to enjoy it. Isn’t that why you started an online business in the first place?

Now… how’s this different from a mind map?

They’re nothing alike. You see… a mind map is without structure. A mind map is like having some of the elements that could lead you to success. But following them in no particular order.”

Simpleology acquired Cashmap Systems LLC in January 2009 and since then has brought a series of cashmaps to the market including the list building cashmap.

Each set of cashmaps is split into two:
1 – the system cashmap – which gives you the top level view of the process as it moves through the major steps in the process
2 – the action cashmaps – which show and explain the detailed steps involved in the individual major process steps.

Free List Building Strategy Cashmap
Mark Joyner and Simpleology are giving away the free List building strategy cashmap when you open a Simpleology account (easy to do and free) and you also receive an audio recording which walks you through the list building process.

When you join Simpleology you also have access to a lot of other free stuff including Simpleology 101, the excellent time management course.

My advice is to join Simpleology today!.

1. Video Marketing Strategy Cashmap FREE!

2. Great Teachers Series: Dr. Joe Vitale Teaches the Law of Attraction FREE!

3. Recession-proof Your Home Strategy Cashmap FREE!

4. Social Media Marketing Strategy Cashmap FREE!

5. WordPress Strategy Cashmap FREE!

6. Voice of the Customer Strategy Cashmap FREE!

7. List Building Strategy Cashmap FREE!

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10. Autoresponder Strategy Cashmap FREE!

11. Make Money with Strategy Cashmap FREE!

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14. Dog Grooming & Certification Strategy Cashmap FREE!

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