How to use Direct Marketing to Land a New Job, On Demand, Anytime, Anywhere, with No Begging & No Counseling

Perry Marshall Marketing Letter & Renaissance Club is a monthly newsletter that shows you new ways to generate sales leads, seize free publicity opportunities, get more results from your website, and get more business from trade shows.

As a member of the Perry Marshall Marketing Letter & Renaissance Club, you’ll receive the following:

1. Perry’s Quicksilver System which contains 6 audio interviews:
– Deal Making vs. Asset Building: Jonathan Mizel on Internet Business Strategy
– Confessions of a Big-Ass Marketing Guy with Bill Buell of Big Ass Fans
– How to Dig Rocks out of the Cold, Hard Ground and Sell Them for Lots of Money
– How to Exponentially Increase Advertising and Direct Mail Response
– From Squalor to Splendor: Philippe Matthews and the Shock Philosophy for Breaking Mental Barriers
– An Intent to Act, A Triumphant Sperm, and a Scrape with Death with Tom Hoobyar, CEO of ASEPCO

2. Five special reports:
– How to Attain Unfair Credibility Over Your Competitors, by Charging for Information Everyone Else is Giving Away Free
– How to Generate Hot Sales Leads and Eliminate Cold Calling with Education-Based Marketing
– Selling and Marketing on a Zero Budget
– How to use Savvy Direct Marketing Techniques to Land a New Job, On Demand, Anytime, Anywhere, with No Begging, No Career Counseling and No
– How to Reinvent a Service & Consulting Business with a Single Sheet of Paper

3. Two advertising critique certificates whereby you can send Perry any email message, web page, ad, sales letter, press release, brochure or newsletter, and he will review it and give you his insight and recommendations about how to make it more effective.
4. Membership in Perry’s Renaissance Club
5. Free consulting call-in days two to four times a year
6. MP3 download: Two Killer interviews with direct marketing veteran and Internet pioneer Ken McCarthy
7. My Career as an Enthusiastic

Perry Marshall’s marketing newsletter is rapidly becoming a ‘must read’ publication for entrepreneurial direct marketers everywhere, online and off.
– Ken McCarthy, The System Seminar

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