The Power of Twitter

Get the business leader’s guide to using Twitter to gain competitive advantage.

Since 2006, forward-thinking companies like Apple, JetBlue, Whole Foods, and GM have discovered the instant benefits of leveraging the social media phenomenon known as Twitter to reach consumers directly, build their brand, and increase sales.

Twitter is at the leading edge of the social media movement, allowing members to connect with one another in real time via short text messages–called “tweets”–that can be received either via the Twitter site or by e-mail, instant messenger, or cell phone.

Many companies have started building entire teams within their organization dedicated solely to responding to tweets from consumers about their brand. And this is just the beginning.

In Twitter Power, Internet marketing and Web innovation expert Joel Comm shows businesses and marketers how to integrate Twitter into their existing marketing strategies to build a loyal following among Twitter members, expand awareness for their product or service, and even handle negative publicity due to angry or disappointed consumers.

The book also presents case studies of companies on the forefront of the Twitter movement, to help you develop your own social networking strategies. Twitter Power is the result of extensive testing and participation in the social networking community and is a must-have for any business that wants to keep up with the social media movement. Twitter Power features a foreword by Tony Robbins.


David King sent a message to the members of Twitter… You follow me… I follow you.

Subject: $887.9 Million in 10 years?

The Ceo of Zappos Tony Hsieh just recently sold zappos to amazon for approximately 887.9 Million dollars… Did you hear about it?

isn’t that amazing?

with over 1 million twitter followers and growing he definitely understood the power of twitter in his business.

in 1999; was registered and from 1999 he built a extremely successful business all by knowing one HUGE secret.

and that HUGE secret is this…

“The customer is always right and make sure they are happier than happy with their purchase and they will continue to give you money for the rest of their lives”

So how exactly did Tony Hsieh discover how to make such a profitable business, connect with his customers and grow zappos so large?

how is honestly beyond me at this point…

But I know for a fact that over 1 million twitter followers is one way to help his customers stick and use his customers to get viral buzz that grows his company even more.

Zappos connected with his customers and grew that relationship and because of that there were more and more people that liked zappos and continued to buy.

Think about it… when you have customers that continue to buy from you and you continue to get new customers what do you get?

A HUGELY successful business that grows like crazy!

That is exactly how Tony made a $887.9 million dollar business in 10 years.

If Tony is connecting with a million twitter followers and continuing to use twitter to leverage his business shouldn’t you be?

It’s time to step up to the plate and hit a home run…

Twitter Influence is yours for the taking:

GO here now and get it:;

you know that if you used twitter like i did your business would literally change drastically within a couple months.

But don’t take my word for it… Just visit:; and see what they are saying and see the proof in the pudding!

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