New battle online: Google VS Facebook

Facebook went after Google Adwords with Facebook Ads, and now they’re going after Google Search with their new Open Graph Search Engine.

Most people are excited about this because they love to see someone challenge Google’s empire. But me, I’m excited for a different reason. I can smell a new avenue for some mega-effective SEO.

Before I go any further. I don’t think Facebook is going to be knocking out Google just yet. They’ve got a lot of work to do to compete with Google’s extremely advanced search engine, but you never know what else Facebook has up their sleeve.

So here’s how it’s going to work.

Facebook is giving webmasters 2 tools to use to index their page for Facebook Search. 1- “Like” button to install on their pages that Facebook users can click. 2- A set of tags that allows webmasters to tell Facebook what their site is all about.

The search results that Facebook gives will be based on how many ‘Likes’ the page has received and the information provided in the tags. Essentially creating a search engine based on “likes” instead of “links”.

Here’s why you need to get your SEO skills warmed up and ready.

We’ve seen what Facebook did with Ads, so I think it’s fair to say their search engine has some strong potential to become a big time player, Especially since they have Bing powering it.

Since Facebook is giving us the opportunity to improve our search rankings with them by utilizing some pretty sweet tools, it should be worth getting in on. And like most SEO campaigns, it’s a good chance to save dough and get continuous results without continuous work.

Do you think Facebook Search will succeed? Let me know your thought, comment below!

Source: Ryan Deiss

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