15 People Who Will Reinvent Your Future

Seeing the Light

Scott Woolley

Richard Friend’s supermolecules will give us paper-thin display screens–and much more.

The Secrets of Scent

Daniel Lyons

Linda Buck maps the brain using her nose.

Steely Dan

Lea Goldman

Daniel Branagan and his heroic metal.

Mister Natural

Benjamin Fulford

Masatsugu Taniguchi tries to create the first nonpolluting economy in the world–and a profit.

Plastic Man

Monte Burke

Bob Langer may help you grow a new heart.

Millions Served

Lynn J. Cook

Florence Wambugu feeds her country with food others have the luxury to avoid.

The Titan of the Teensy

Elizabeth Corcoran

Charles Lieber sees lots of cheap, tiny devices in your future.

Mr. Burns’ Dilemma

Jonathan Fahey

Larry Burns has a new engine.

Science Beyond Belief

Robert Langreth

Steve Quake wants to speed up drug discovery by setting off a million reactions at once–all in a one-inch-square slab of rubber.

A New Kind of Entitlement

Kerry A. Dolan

Hernando de Soto’s radical plan to end world poverty.

A Dirty Business

Robert Langreth

Chaitan Khosla makes drugs from soil.

Safe at any Speed

Nathan Vardi

Steven Wallman tries to make the market more efficient for individual investors.

The Matchmaker

Rob Wherry

Vanessa Kirsch reinvents charity.

The Biggest Damn Opportunity

Quentin Hardy

Charles Simonyi’s smarter software.

Brave New World

Monte Burke

Will Wright’s videogames simulate life–or at least the life we might live in the future.

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