Active Listening and Powerful Questions

The skill of powerful questioning is the tool that can help take your coaching to even greater heights. So, what exactly is a powerful question? Well, it is that question which stops you dead in your tracks. It is the question that validates who you are. It is a question that opens up possibilities that one never dreamed about before, and lastly, it is that question that gets you moving forward and gets you into action. Powerful questioning is quite an art-form in itself and can make the difference between a great session or an extraordinary one and ultimately the difference between being a great coach or an extraordinary coach. Now, I am not sure about you, but once I started coaching I knew that there was no other choice for me than to be the very best I could be: to be an expert coach and great individual.

What is your big challenge

What is your greatest weakness?
Do you know what it takes to overcome those weakness?

What is your big idea?

Questions, when phrased and timed well, entice us to go inside and look around the many rooms of our heart-mind. We emerge knowing ourselves better than we did before. Here are Seven great questions:

What do you want? And what else?
What’s holding you back? And what else?
What is it costing you to continue holding back? And what else?
How do you want to change your mind’s programming on that topic? And what else?
What new habits will you put in place to fortify your new mindset?
And what else?
What is the most meaningful action you could take now? And what else?
What new skills or support systems will ensure your success? And what else?

The best treasures are buried deep. Try these questions on yourself and then use them to support your clients as well.

Isn’t it amazing? These are just simple coaching questions. But even a room full of six and seven figure business owners get continual value out of these kinds of questions. The right question can help anyone zoom past obstacles and into a power zone of action and attraction.

Think about it. If we can ask ourselves and our clients questions that bring out fresh information, we’ve brought about growth and transformation.

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