Did God make the laws of nature?

Did God make nutrition? Did God make the laws of nature so that surgical procedures would work – and so that the combustion engine would work – and so that energy medicine would work (and a thousand others)?
I believe the answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

Anything that is naturally occurring in nature, and happens consistently, and is GOOD – I assume and believe
that God made it!

So, who discovers these things that are good, and that God has made? Things like: penicillin, vitamin c, gasoline, the wheel, acupuncture points, energy (e=mc2), washing hands for germs, computers, and on, and on, and on?

The answer is obviously EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY! These discoveries are not all made by Christians, or atheists, or Muslims, or women, or middle aged people, or Caucasians, or Europeans.

Whoever discovers something has a natural inclination to come at it, explain it, and practice it – from their
particular set of beliefs.

If someone discovers energy (e=mc2) and says that all energy comes from roses, does not make it so. If someone discovers Vitamin C, but says that for it to work you have to take it while patting your head and
rubbing your tummy – that does not mean it’s the truth.

It also does not mean that if you reject roses, or patting your head that you have to give up on the benefits of gravity, energy, or Vitamin C.

Those things (products in this discussion) still work and are good – even if the message of the discoverer is only their “OPINION”, rather than “THE TRUTH” for everyone.

We separate the meat from the message. We separate the
product (that is good and made, or made possible by God)
from the beliefs of the discoverer.

So, we believe we should NOT withhold telling you about Vitamin C because of the beliefs of the discoverer that we disagree with. We say, take Vitamin C and believe what you think is right.
One exception to this: we WILL NOT promote anyone who attacks or actively tries to turn people away from
Christian beliefs. We also do not attack others who believe things different from us.

Also NEVER believe what anyone tells you to believe – NOT EVEN ME! But be open to what anyone says!
Pray about it, research it, and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

Proverbs 18:15 says: “The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge”. Another version says: “Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights.” We are in trouble when we are no longer open and seeking the whole truth.

Source: “The Healing Codes” by Dr. Alex Loyd

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