Empowering Beliefs

Empowering Beliefs can free the mind of our limitations, and allow us to believe that new things are possible: they unlock the chains which hold us back and open our minds to all kinds of new possibilities.

Remember the story of Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes? At the time it was widely believed that it was impossible – For years, the 4-minute mile was considered not merely unreachable but, according to physiologists of the time, dangerous to the health of any athlete who attempted to reach it!

But once Bannister had broken the 4 minute barrier what happened?

Within 46 days of Bannister’s breakthrough John Landy, another runner considered one of the great milers of that era, who had never even got closer than within 1.5 seconds of the 4-minute barrier before surpassed Bannisters record by over a second. Within 3 years of Bannisters’ record, 16 runners had logged sub-4-minute miles. So what happened? Simply that Bannister had broken a psychological barrier as well as a physical one. Everyone who had previously thought it impossible had their limiting belief shattered. Now in its place was an empowering belief that it could be achieved.

We will always behave in ways consistent with our beliefs and values, and limiting beliefs can restrict our choices and limit our capacity to change the ways we behave, and hold us back from achieving success. When you express limiting beliefs with statements like: ‘I can’t…’ , ‘I have to…’ or ‘It is impossible to…’. These leave you with no choice or alternative possibilities, and are ultimately disempowering. Too often, we get stuck in habitual thinking patterns and we can’t find new ideas or solutions.

What limiting beliefs could you be holding, which no longer serve you or which hold you back from achieving the success and happiness you deserve? Think about some of the clichés you may unconsciously be holding as truths.

One Empowering Belief it may be useful to adopt is that you can successfully challenge and change your own limiting beliefs!

You can do this very powerfully through the use of life coaching questions. For example, whenever you come across a limiting belief ask yourself questions such as:

• What would happen if you didn’t?
• What would happen if you did?
• What would happen if you were?
• What would happen if you weren’t?
• Who says?
• What stops you?
• How do you know?
• Has it ever been different?
• Has anyone else ever done it?

These types of question prompt a line of thinking which moves you from a perception that you have no choice to realising that you do in fact have choices and possibilities for change.

Beliefs are like clothes that we can change to suit our situation and our circumstances – why don’t you try a few new ones on for size!

So, What are the four minute miles that are holding you back in your personal and professional life?
Are their any role models who are challenging existing limits that you can learn from?

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