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If you could change your life completely by changing less than 1% of your daily routine would you do it? By investing 7 minutes per day (roughly ½ % of 24 hours) in yourself and your education you can dramatically improve your skills and get more out of your life. In our fast paced world many of us do not have an hour a day to spend on our continuing education. iLearningGlobal has divided its Hi-def content into 7-9 minute segments; packed with valuable material so that you can take your education in bytes (pun intended). Directly from the experts in personal development, business, sales, finance, teens, parenting, relationships and much more!

Why continuos learning?
1) The average person will increase their salary by only 2-3% annually.
2) Each year inflation increases by approximately 2-3% annually.
3) That means that, without lifelong learning, it’s virtually impossible for the average person to get ahead.

1) Top Achievers, people who are continually learning and growing, DOUBLE their income every 3-5 years.
2) This is why the top 10-20% earns more than the bottom 80%! To separate yourself from the pack, you often need to know just one additional skill…and that will make all the difference in your pay scale.

“The greatest success principle in history is ‘Learn from the experts’, you’ll never live long enough to learn it all yourself” by Brian Tracy

What is your Entertainment VS Education Ratio?
Do you know what your EVE ratio is? this is your entertainment vs education ratio. How much do you spend every month on cable tv, movies, sports, hobbies, vacations, dining, drinking, internet, video games, social clubs, etc? What do you spend every month in continuing education or personal improvement? The average person has a ratio of 50 or 100 to 1! Do you think this could partially explain the cause of the current economic turmoil?

Grab a piece of paper and find out what YOUR EVE ratio is! Create columns similar to the graph below and do your very best to think of all your expenses in these areas and be as accurate as possible. List all of the items and the time and expenses associated with each. When you have completed the list, add up the totals, and you have your EVE Ratio!

iLearningGlobal.TV officially began its journey in March of 2008 when months of ideas, concepts, and dreams turned into reality. After a meeting with success legend Brian Tracy and his business partner, it was clear that the perfect storm of ground breaking technology and the teachings of the worlds leading personal development experts combined would change the way people learn forever. Brian Tracy joined the founders and original executive team of 4 as the iLearningGlobal Chief Learning Officer and dozens of the world’s top speakers, authors, and trainers followed suit to create the most respected online faculty ever with over 50 topics.

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