Is History boring?

Even though I hated pop quizzes, I love to talk about things like history, geography, and the universe — all the subjects we’re supposed to learn in school. Most people tell me they don’t learn these things because they are “boring.”

That’s why I write the Don’t Know Much About® series of books. The whole point of my books — and this web site is — to show you how fascinating things like history and geography can be. It’s simple. We just ask some questions and get some real answers — and have some fun doing it.

We all have questions. Sometimes we’re afraid to ask them because we think we’ll sound dumb. Well, guess what? There are no dumb questions in the Don’t Know Much About® world. There are some silly questions. But that’s just part of the fun.

So come on in and look for some answers to questions you might have. Or maybe you’ll find a question you haven’t even thought of. But don’t worry. There’s no pop quiz at the end!

Kenneth C. Davis
Source: Don’t Know Much Series for Kids

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