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Let’s pretend that the diagram below belongs to you—that this is the shape of the all-important mindset that defines your general BrainMap Profile—and that it depicts how your brain thinks (even though it is only a sample of the many “maps” you’ll be getting). With the very first “map” served up by your online BrainMap profile, you are going to find that your new understanding is already delivering new ideas on how to get more things done more smoothly, efficiently and effectively—that is, with greater results, more efficiently delivered!

This sample graphic from the online BrainMap shows one user’s working profile. Your BrainMap profile may be similar to this or very different, but it will go a long way toward answering the question, “My brain says I’m WHO?”

Why is this question so important? Because when it is asked to start making changes in its basic mindset, your brain expects one thing above all else: to be in charge. So nothing is more important at the start of any serious self-improvement, self-development, self-help effort involving major self-change than establishing a quality dialogue between your brain and yourself about who your brain really thinks you are! (After all, this is the basic mindset that is so all-controlling and all-directing when it comes time to change your thinking skills!)

And finding a viable way to get your brain involved in challenging or changing its own patterns, assumptions and behaviors is a made-to-order assignment for The BrainMap.

Using The BrainMap, you can invite your brain to be involved in all your efforts to do something different, something more, something greater—to move to the next level of your personal capability—and to do it without delay!

When you take The BrainMap online, you are immediately provided with a wealth of new self-knowledge that neither you nor your brain can afford to ignore when you are seeking to change your mindset. You’ll learn:

* How your brain really sees you
* Why a lot of what happens around you isn’t visible to you
* How your brain can entrap you in a continuous, self-defeating cycle of behaviors
* What your options for changing yourself are
* How you can intervene in what your brain is planning for you
* How your brain is likely to behave when it acts “out of character”
* Why your brain steers you toward some activities and payoffs and away from others
* How to trouble-shoot when your brain fails to deliver the results you need
* How your brain prefers to learn—and how it sometimes refused to do so

And that’s only for starters! There’s so much more to evaluate and act on when The BrainMap is finished searching out and narrating who and what your brain really thinks you are.

What makes The BrainMap so different?

For one thing, data from actual surgical procedures—that is, the right brain, left brain and the front brain, back brain surgeries—define and support the entire BrainMap model!

And what makes this brain test so productive?

It’s remarkable ability to put you in touch with the levers of your mind needed to change something that started to be put in place even before you were born: your basic mindset for observing and dealing with the world!

When The BrainMap is on the scene, your mind knows it is being asked the right questions about how to change your brain. And you know you are getting the brain change, brain training and life planning answers you need. You wouldn’t expect any less of what we’ve come to describe as the world’s only authentic “Total-Brain Interpretation, Prediction and Self-Improvement Guide.” We think you are going to agree with us that The BrainMap is the most important roadmap to self-growth and increasing your brain power available on the planet!

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