Trend Predictions that will Shape the Future

The 16 major trends that will shape the new century

1. The age of instant communications.
2. A world without economic borders.
3. Four steps to a one-world economy.
4. Internet commerce and learning.
5. The new service society.
6. The marriage of big and small.
7. The new age of leisure.
8. The changing shape of work.
9. Women in leadership.
10. Your amazing brain rediscovered.
11. Cultural nationalism.
12. The growing underclass.
13. The active aging of the population.
14. The new do-it-yourself boom.
15. Cooperative enterprise.
16. The triumph of the individual.
All 16 trends are fully developed in chapter one of  “The Learning Revolution” by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos.

What about Web Trends

We’re well into the current era of the Web, commonly referred to as Web 2.0. Features of this phase of the Web include search, social networks, online media (music, video, etc), content aggregation and syndication (RSS), mashups (APIs), and much more. Currently the Web is still mostly accessed via a PC, but we’re starting to see more Web excitement from mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) and television sets (e.g. XBox Live 360).

What then can we expect from the next 10 or so years on the Web?
Here we have 10 Web trends to look out for the next decade.

1. Semantic Web
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Virtual Worlds
4. Mobile
5. Attention Economy
6. Web Sites as Web Services
7. Online Video / Internet TV
8. Rich Internet Apps
9. International Web
10. Personalization

Our society is about to go through major transformation. It’s not just about new trends in technology, relationships, economy and lifestyle. We will think differently and perceive things very differently in a short while. Those who understand upcoming changes have a better chance to succeed in the future.

What do you thik is going to change in your environment, in your industry, in your life?

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