Quotes from Gordon Bizar

“Every outcome require a specific set of tools and a specific mind set.”
– Gordon Bizar at Jay Abraham Seminar in 2006.

“Working in a collaborative environment with a collaborative spirit where the behavior of each individual is: no task is too hard, no challenge is too difficult, no time seems too much, whoever has the right skills; just to jump in and take responsibility for the task until it’s done.”
– Gordon Bizar at Wealth Factory Meeting in 2007

“I will expose you to proven ways of thinking that can open up opportunities that today are beyond your view. Then, I will guide you and you will have unfettered access to: All my know-how, All my contacts, All my experience, All my wisdom, All my insights, All my creativity, All yours for the asking. This is the real thing. The opportunities are real. The businesses are real. The risks and rewards are real. The only judge of your performance is you and your ultimate success. Join me now for this life-altering opportunity!”
– Gordon Bizar when starting working with new entrepreneurs

“More than any other segment of human society, entrepreneurs typically learn best through observation and experience rather then formalized education.”
– Gordon Bizar at LBO Miami 2008

“An individual company cannot compete with a strategically aggregated company.
An aggregated company cannot compete with 10 strategically aggregated companies.”
– Gordon Bizar at Relight America 2009

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