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Upwardly-spiraling blockchain phenomenon that will soon replace all of our passwords, physical IDs, and even the keys on our keychains by using blockchain-enabled smartphone applications.


  • DISTRIBUTED CLOUD STORAGE. Blockchain data storage will become a massive disruptor shortly.
  • DIGITAL IDENTITY. Never having to worry about your digital security every again. Passports, E-Residency, Birth Certificates, Wedding Certificates, IDs
  • SMART CONTRACTS. What if you could cut your mortgage rate, make it easier to update your will?
  • DIGITAL VOTING. votes than can successfully transmit while remaining anonymous
  • HOW IT WORKS. Proof of Existence allows users to upload a file and pay a transaction fee to have a cryptographic proof of it included on the bitcoin blockchain. The actual data is not stored online and therefore does not risk unwanted publication of the user’s material.

17 Blockchain Applications That Are Transforming Society

  • BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS IN HEALTHCARE: Personal health records could be encoded and stored on the blockchain with a private key which would grant access only to specific individuals.
  • BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS IN FINANCE: Trade Processing and Settlement. Cross-Border Payments
  • SMART PROPERTY: A tangible or intangible property, such as cars, houses, or cookers, on the one hand, or patents, property titles, or company shares, on the other, can have smart technology embedded in them. Smart Appliances. Smart IoT.
  • BLOCKCHAIN IN MUSIC: ownership rights, royalty distribution, and transparency.
  • BLOCKCHAIN IN GOVERNMENT: Public value/ community, Vested responsibility, Identity

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Chris Boscolo is on the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding blockchain universe and there is zero doubt that blockchain is poised to revolutionize global commerce and digital privacy on an order of magnitude comparable to the transformation brought about by the introduction and growth of the Internet. Countless billions of dollars will be made by those who can unlock and monetize blockchain’s complexities. Listen in as Chris offers a Master Class on the upwardly-spiraling blockchain phenomenon that will soon replace all of our passwords, physical IDs, and even the keys on our keychains by using blockchain-enabled smartphone applications. Roving reporter Rotbart says the interview will begin as soon as you click the start button at

Why Is Bitcoin Valuable?
– In Colonial warfare that a defending force has a 3:1 advantage over an attacking force.
The current world technology is asymmetrically favoring the attacker. Nuclear technology is the epitome of this paradigm. It is much, much easier to destroy a city with a nuke than to defend against one or rebuild a city.
– It is much easier to destroy something than to protect it. It is easier to destroy a building than to protect it. It is easier to destroy a company than to build one. It is easier to destroy someone’s reputation than to build one.
However, one area where this is not true is cryptography. And that makes all the difference.
– Transactions on the Bitcoin network are unstoppable. If I have an internet connection and agree to pay the network’s fee, nothing can stop me from sending Bitcoin to anyone I want.
That is to say, bitcoin is censorship resistant.
– Censorship resistance means the cost of trying to censor, steal, or otherwise coerce is so high as to be impractical bordering on (but not reaching) impossible. In the case of bitcoin, anyone who wants to steal your bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet by cracking your private key or to perform a 51% attack would have to bring such an enormous amount of computing power to bear that it would cost far more to steal the bitcoin than to simply buy it themselves.
– Bitcoin provides citizens the protection from irresponsible or malicious governments and companies. Bitcoin can be a saving instrument to protect from inflation in economies like Argentina or Venezuela.
– How a major in a small town in California became a dictator earning $700,000/year. With a special voting for the 1% of electors. That is why democracy is better censorshio than autocracy.
– Bitcoin is like a democracy for money from a coalition of central bankers. Of course, bitocing is now also concentrated in a few group of people, shifting power to new overlords.
– Because of their open-source, forable nature, cryptocurrencies bring back the possibility of different currencies being used for different use cases and force currencies to compete for users. The monetary selectorate can make its opinion known by buying, selling, hoarding or dumping various coins as they see fit. Competitive Money market.
– Imagine if Facebook or Uber, instead of being a private company, were a public blockchain that anyone could fork? Users or Drivers would become part of the selectorate and able to exert meaningful influence. Censorship-resistance doesn’t mean just preventing some transactions or eliminating the voice of some participants, it means a system which is difficult to manipulate for the ends of small cabals. That’s true in politics, money, and media among others.

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