Do it until it is done! by Art Williams

“The only sure way for your people to lose is if they give up. Your lack of encouragement should never be the reason a person quits. A leader must always keep believing in people, no matter what.”

No. 1 – Have confidence in your people.

* See each person as a winner.
* Expect success from everyone.
* Let people know you think they can win.

No. 2 – Recognize each accomplishment, no matter how small.

* Show people that you know what they do.
* Make each small accomplishment seem major – it really is.
* Make your praise public – people love to be recognized among their peers.

No. 3 – Sell the dream, again.

* Never think you can stop “selling the dream.”
* People need to be constantly reminded of the rewards of their hard work.
* Encourage people to talk about their personal goals and dreams. (You could have a “dream” session and ask each person to tell his personal “success dream.”)

No. 4 – Don’t give up on people when they make mistakes.

* Live with them through the tough times, as well as the easy times.
* Care about each person as an individual.
* Allow people to learn from their mistakes. Never criticize.

AND…Never be guilty of giving up AS A LEADER.

Coach, The A. L. Williams Story by Art Williams

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