The Champion’s Creed

I’ve taken this affirmation with me all over the world. Reading it regularly will help you become resilient in the face of life’s challenges.

Stay focused on your goals and decorate your desk with this beautiful “Champion’s Creed”

Success leaves clues. Reading the lives of people who have accomplished great things will helps develop belief, and shows us what works and does not work in life.

In fact, in the olden days, reading biographies was part of people’s education. People like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson learned their leadership skills by reading biographies.

Ruben’s Recommended Reading List
General George Patton
George Washington
General Norman Schwarzkopf
Sam Walton
Dave Thomas
Ray Kroc
Harlan Sanders
Robert Schuller
John Wooden
Lou Holtz
Ronald Reagan
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
Nelson Mandela
Billy Graham
Viktor Frankl
Donald Trump
Michael Johnson
Mother Theresa
Winston Churchill
Bruce Jenner
Rich DeVos

Ruben’s Recommended Inspirational Movies
Chariots Of Fire
Cool Runnings
Magnificent Obsession
The Rookie
Captains Courageous
Iron Will
16 Days of Glory
Apollo 13
The Right Stuff

Ruben Gonzalez
Olympic Motivation

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