The Great Formula

“The Great Formula For Creating Maximum Profit With Minimal Effort” by Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner, the author of The Great Formula is one of my favorite experts and he has a gift for taking complex ideas, which may seem too formidable to do, stripping them down to the essentials and helping you to take action.

If you are looking for a book to give you deep insights into how you can develop your backend (the technical phrase for repeat business) you may be left wanting more.

If you want a book to inspire you to build a successful business, then The Great Formula could be just what you are looking for.

And now you can get a free pdf version of The Great Formula.

What is The Great Formula?

* Step 1 – Create the irresistible offer
* Step 2 – Present it to a thirsty crowd
* Step 3 – Sell them a second glass

“Is that it?” do I hear you ask?
Yes, that’s it.
Nice and simple – a business philosophy for success in 14 words.

Mark Joyner uses the example of a man in a desert desperate for water. You make your offer, he snatches the glass out of your hand and then you offer a second glass.

It couldn’t be simpler could it but that is the beauty of Mark Joyner’s work with his training company Simpleology.

On pages 49 through to 72 you will see the Great Formula in history with companies like Gillette, Holiday Inn and Avon. This is very useful as Mark Joyner breaks down each example into the three stages of the Great Formula – including the irresistible offer into its three stages.

After that The Great Formula book features guest authors – many of whom are master marketers who explain how they have applied these ideas in their own business. Some of them are:
– The Picasso Illusion by Joe Sugarman
– The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
– Personal emails from BBDO Vice President Ben Mack
– Gold Standard by Paul Galloway
– Nasa Scientist Files by Harry Johnson
– Marketing Domination by Brad Callen

Before the success of this book, there was prior Amazon Bestseller called “The Irresistible Offer” which can be download for free as well as an ebook.

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