The Story of Happy Blankie

I want to show you exactly 4 very important 4 things are very important in how to:

– Figure out if your idea is “good enough” (a good enough idea with great marketing can make you a fortune)
– Why the “position” of your idea or product (in the marketplace) is WAY more important than marketing and sales
– How to raise funds to get your “idea” going
– AND, how to build out the proper “funnels” to drive a ton of sales consistently

We, as a team, BUILT a very cool business in 90 days from start to finish. As a matter of fact, Happy Blankie just officially launched 2 weeks ago.

We found a children’s orphanage in Uganda, a church in Thailand, and St. Jude’s Children’s hospital to work with. These are, as you know from St Jude’s, all amazing organizations
that directly and positively impact tens of thousands of children literally all over the world.

Go to and purchase a Happy Blankie. Stomp the Happy Frog, Giggle the Happy Pig, Chase the Happy Dog, and Tumble the Happy Bear will make your kids an AWESOME Christmas or Holiday present. For every Happy Blankie you purchase we’ll be giving one away to a child in need.

Our Christmas cutoff means that we want to get as many Happy Blankies as possible in the hands of children less fortunate and in need of a smile before the holidays are over. They need it now. Use the word “FAMILY“ as your bonus code and you will actually save an additional 20% off.

And I’ll literally show you the ENTIRE system we used to build this business in less than 90 days.

We did some really cool things in building this business. Some key things that if you learned would help you become a better entrepreneur. I want to walk you through exactly what we did and why we did it. After the holidays are over I’ll do a webinar with our entire team on it that will show you… (take action now and you’ll be invited)…

– Why we set up 2 separate entities for Happy Blankie, one to hold the intellectual property and one to run the company. I’ll explain what we used and why there’s no other way to build a real business.

– How we came up with our USP “One to Love – One to Share” and how we’re building the technology to allow our customers to actually pick where they want their 2nd blankie to go.

– Why and how that idea above will engage our audience and singlehandedly push our growth 40% or more in year one.

– How we are already in “celebrity getting” mode and positioning our product for explosive growth. HINT: you should be all about explosive growth business models.

– How we “did the math” to make sure we weren’t going broke by giving one away for every one we sold AND why this idea will actually triple the speed of our company’s growth over the next 24 months.

– How we’re seeing the future and already coming up with ideas like our “Endangered Species” line that is environmentally friendly and has cool little animals like “Tobias the Tiger” and “Charge the Rhino.”

Basically how to take an IDEA, put it into swift ACTION, and how to drive PROFITS.

You’re going to love this blankie – I promise. They come with a “Lifetime Guarantee” and you’ll be getting the very first batch of a world class product, helping make a less fortunate child very happy, and get to see “behind the scenes” on how we are building this company out to be a socially conscious billion dollar brand.


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