New Natural Treatment for Cancer May Make Chemotherapy Obsolete

Traditional chemotherapy treatments are usually horrible. Often, they are more painful than the cancer itself. Even worse, there is insufficient proof that they do any real good. Keeping you alive an extra six months while you lose your hair and get sicker and weaker is hardly worth doing.

ETR’s publication, Total Health Breakthroughs, takes a skeptical view of the widespread and automatic use of chemotherapy. If you are not reading it, you should.

Meanwhile, Melanie Segala reports that there could be a new way to treat cancer that is significantly less toxic than traditional chemo. Scientists have known for some time that our own cells produce a cancer-killing protein called Par-4. It attaches itself to tumor cells and kills them, leaving healthy cells unharmed. This “selective cytotoxicity” is the holy grail of cancer research. Scientists are now trying to develop treatments using the Par-4 protein.

While the Par-4 cancer treatment may indeed prove to be useful, let’s not forget that prevention is the best medicine against cancer. When your defenses are strong, your body is able to extinguish rogue cancer cells, without ill effects. To boost your immunity to cancer, avoid chemicals and preservatives in your food and stick to a low-glycemic, antioxidant-rich diet.

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