Pure Energy and Endurance with Stu Mittleman

Slow Burn: How Stu Trained Himself to Run 50-Plus Miles Every Day

Endurance master Stu Mittleman holds the world record for running 1,000 miles in 11 days. Then, at nearly 50-years-old, he ran 3,000 miles over two months—more than two marathons a day for over 56 days! He literally ran across the country from San Diego to New York City.

You want that kind of energy, strength, and endurance? To see what training stategies transformed Stu into pure energy, watch now!

Endurance athlete, fitness coach and speaker Stu Mittleman consults and trains athletes and individuals throughout the United States. A featured guest speaker at Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University, Stu runs his own company, WorldUltrafit, based in Palm Desert, California. In his book, Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower, Stu shares his program for creating unlimited energy and increasing stamina through physical training, the right food choices, and mindset strategies.

12 marathons in 12days by Stu Mittleman
Marathon Training Secrets/ by Stu Mittleman

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